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horse stall cleaning systems

Stall Cleaning Systems

horse barn cleaning systems
Corton turnable partition (2).jpg

Stall Partitions

Corton turnable partition (1).jpg


The most effective system to muck out a row of stalls is the system with sliding partitions. The dividing partition of each horse stall is moved into the stable corridor. In this way, temporary stalls are created in the stable corridor in which you can leave the horses during mucking out. Meanwhile the entire row of horse stalls can be quickly and effectively mucked out with a machine. This system ensures huge time-saving compared to manually mucking out. 


Corton also supplies strong entrance doors at the end of a row of horse stalls, which can serve as the last stand wall.

horse stall sliding partitions


This is essentially a combination system, which, on the one hand, is suitable for mucking out the horse stall and, on the other hand, for quickly turning two or more horse stalls into one big stall. The latter is particularly useful for putting up a mare with foal or a group of young horses. The side wall is hinged to the rear and can be rotated against the rear wall

horse stall swinging partitions
Corton full swing front.jpg

Stall Fronts


In order to save labour when mucking out, Corton has developed some practical systems for the Standard and Professional horse stalls.


With this system, fronts with sliding door can be opened completely. The system is fully cantilevered and the complete front opens almost 180 degrees into the stable corridor. This system makes each horse stall individually accessible for a machine to muck out or for other purposes

corton horse stall fronts

This system can be used for a front with a turning door. In addition to the entrance door, the fixed part of the front is also rotatable. Both parts can rotate 180 degrees which makes the stalls easy accessible for mucking out with a machine.

Corton stable plan with turnable stall fronts
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