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Beautiful Barns by Design
Not only do homeowners love to spend hours deciding which colors and furniture they should use to make their house but the same goes for horse owners and their barns. For many horse lov­ers, the stylish addition of a horse barn makes their property truly unique and customized to their everyday needs. The interior design of a horse barn is very important, as many owners want the barn to stand out and make a statement. A key requirement is that the color scheme blends with the other buildings on the property as well as the natural surroundings.

One horse barn, located in the Middleburg area, uses colors that blend into the landscape. The layout is very important when you begin to think about how you will use the space on a daily basis, and also the needs of both owner and horse. The practicality of having the horse Stallss adjacent to a wash Stalls, fol­lowed by a walkway to the training arena all come into play with the design. With this particular project, a courtyard feel is created by incorporating a curved entrance archway to enter the U-shaped building. Once you enter, the Stallss are configured around the courtyard so that you have a view of all the horses from the center of the building. With two wings of horse Stallss connected to the cen­tral entrance; the floor plan offers convenience and ease of movement to the of­fice lounge. From there, you can flow easily into a grazing yard, feeding area, or show arena, all of which are extremely important in the life of a horse and trainer.

As you walk inside, you are greeted by warm colors including greens, deep reds, and the beautiful tones of Cumaru wood. These colors all blend together harmoniously to create a very rich and welcoming feel. The floor­ing is made up of non-slip rubber tiles in a forest green color, which are very practical for both the horses and their owners. By using natural, yet warm colors and accents, a very cozy and inviting home is created for the horses.

In a more traditional horse barn, you begin the experience by walking
through two beautiful dutch doors, stained in a light walnut finish. As you enter, you begin to catch a glimpse of an old-fashioned, scroll chandelier hanging high above a well-lit layout of horse Stallss in deep reds and light woods. To work with the chandelier are matching sconces hung throughout the entranceway of the barn. The red lacquer finish on the Stallss and the finials works beautifully with the deep red flooring. By having really unique light fixtures in a barn, it adds that little bit of formality and glamour to the interior. Adding a deep gray colored slate roof to a building adds the finishing touch, with a sleek and clean feel to the exterior.

For horse enthusiasts, when you are ready to design your dream barn, you may have an idea of what the finished product will look like, but there are a myriad of details to be worked out first. Make sure you think about materials & finishes, Stallss, doors & windows, lighting, feeding, cleaning, and most impor­tantly, how you will move through the space. Sorting out all of these details early on in the design process will help you quickly turn your dream barn into reality!
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